1.601 Painting of Camellia Hongkongensis by Eyre and the notes_.png
  • Common Name: Hong Kong Camellia

  • Scientific Name: Camellia hongkongensis

  • Flowering period: December-January

  • Native to Hong Kong

  • IUCN Red List of Threatened Species: Endangered (EN)

  • Listed in Rare and Valuable Plants of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Camellia

Eyre’s discovery and
the records by other naturalists

Among the new species discovered by Eyre, the most notable is Hong Kong Camellia. It is a shrub with raspberry red flowers, about 5cm in diameter, and is the only species with red flowers among Hong Kong's native camellias. It was first discovered by Eyre in 1849 at Victoria Peak where he found only three of them in a ravine. The following year, Seemann brought the collected specimens to Kew, where they were confirmed as a species new to science and named Camellia hongkongensis in 1859. After years of conservation, Hong Kong Camellia can now be found on the Peak, Pokfulam, and Mount Parker, though it is still considered an endangered species. 



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