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Highlights of Pith Paper Plant Specimens Sent to Director Hooker of Kew, and the Names and Locations of Senders

© Economic Botany Collection, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Hooker mobilises British amateur naturalists in China to reveal the secrets of the Pith Paper Plant.


Knives and Plates Used for Pith Paper Making


Sarah Layton / Amoy and John Reeves / Canton



Set of 12 Chinese Pith Paintings on Pith Paper Making


Presumed to be illustrated by Sunqua


C.J. Braine / Hong Kong

Pith Paper Flower for Decorative Display

John Reeves / Canton

Paintings on Tea Production on Pith Paper (commissioned by Kew) 

Robert Fortune / China


Pith of Pith Paper Plant, Pith Paper, Hair Accessories Made of Pith Paper

John C. Bowring / Hong Kong