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Adam Francis

Adam Francis

Interests: Amphibians, reptiles

There is nothing I enjoy more than coming across a snake on the trail late at night to film and photograph.

Adam Francis grew up in the United States and started to learn about nature by spending time outdoors, reading field guides and watching documentaries narrated by David Attenborough. Coming to Hong Kong for work in 2016, he was curious about the local wildlife, spending almost all his free time exploring the outdoors.

Adam’s focus over the past several years has been on Hong Kong’s many species of snakes. He has spent much of his time in the forests finding, documenting, filming and photographing them in order to provide informative content on his website and his YouTube channel SnakeID TV, such as the behaviour and the appearance of different life stages of snakes. He has also recently written a comprehensive field guide on the snakes of Hong Kong for hikers, rural residents and enthusiasts to carry with them when they are out in nature.

As part of his work creating wildlife inspired content, Adam ensures that he is prepared for any scenario. He carries with him at all times a camera, lighting equipment, several lenses, headlamps, flashlights, rain gear, a first-aid kit and tools to ensure safe interactions with animals.

Through his observations and educational videos, Adam hopes to encourage the public to appreciate wildlife and enjoy the natural side of Hong Kong.



Adam Francis在美國長大,小時候經常流連野外、閱讀動植物圖鑑和收看大衛·愛登堡旁述的紀錄片來認識自然。2016年來港工作生活,未有放下探索自然的好奇心,幾乎所有公餘時間都用來野遊香港。

Adam過去數年專注探索本地蛇類。他走遍森林搜索、記錄和攝錄本地蛇蹤,將各種實用資訊,如蛇的習性、不同年紀的型態分享到網站hongkongsnakeid.com和Youtube頻道SnakeID TV。他最近亦撰寫了一本收錄各種香港蛇類的圖鑑供行山人士、鄉郊居民和愛蛇之人隨身攜帶。



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