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Amanda Yik


Amanda Yik

Former Lawyer, Shinrin Yoku Guide
Expertise: Sensory Exploration

Nature is the therapist. I just open the doors.

Former solicitor Amanda Yik was diagnosed with cancer in 2014. While suffering from side effects of chemotherapy, taking strolls at a nearby park became her only outdoor activity, allowing her to be temporarily relieved from the mental and physical exhaustion. When Amanda recovered, she took to heart her experiences in nature and decided to pursue a certification in Australia as a professional forest bathing guide. Not long after, she founded Shinrin Yoku Hong Kong and brought the concept to the city.

Originating from Japan, Shinrin Yoku, also known as forest bathing, is a relatively new concept for Hong Kongers. While forest bathing might be a difficult concept to comprehend right away, Amanda says, the concept may be better understood by explaining what it is not: “It is not a typical naturalist walk. There is no teaching of natural sciences, and this purpose of exploration in nature is not to identify species.” Forest bathing allows attendees to break away from daily lives, slow down and re-establish their relationship with nature through the five senses, body and mind. Amanda’s role is not a therapist or a coach; she is just a guide, and nature is the therapist*. In today’s world where nature is often separated from our city life, forest bathing could be the first step in allowing people to get back to basics, become aware of nature’s existence, bringing them one step closer to our ecology.

*Studies show that forest bathing can aid health complications, including lowering blood pressure and blood sugar levels, as well as stress hormones.



易琪(Amanda)曾是事務律師,2014年患上癌症,化療副作用使她身心虛脫,到公園走走成了她唯一的戶外活動, 讓她暫時忘卻疾病的煎熬。康復後的Amanda並未忘記自然對她的扶持,希望讓更多人認識森林療癒,於是到澳洲接受森林浴嚮導訓練,回港後創辦「香港森林浴」,將森林浴帶來香港。



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