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Christophe Barthélemy

Christophe Barthélemy

Interests: Wasps and bees

It’s in my blood, my body needs the nature.

Growing up, French native Christophe Barthélemy (Chris) loved books by renowned entomologist Jean-Henri Fabre, “The Homer of Insects”. He has always believed that science can make progress in mankind; in addition to appreciating nature as an art, he is also interested in the science behind it. Fifteen years ago, Chris set up a malaise trap in his garden in Hong Kong. He began conducting insect surveys and sent the specimens he made to the Natural History Museum in London and California Academy of Sciences. Since then, Chris has narrowed his research on wasps and bees, hiking weekly to make observations in the wild. To learn more about the habits of solitary wasps, he built bamboo traps in his garden to attract wasps to lay eggs. "Humans have probably catalogued only about 10% of all insects on this planet. There's a huge amount of species to be discovered...We are talking about an amazing diversity," he says.

Chris has been collaborating with Prof. Benoit Guénard at the University of Hong Kong to publish research papers on new wasp species. In 2020 alone, they have published articles on three new species in the family Crabronidae - Psenulus ephippius, Psenulus gibbus and Psenulus pallens. As a professor at the university, Guénard has not been able to dedicate time for field trips; collaborations with amateur naturalists like Chris are therefore essential. Having passed down field investigation skills to Chris for his observations, discoveries made by Chris would be verified and published in collaboration with Guénard’s team.



Christophe Barthélemy(Chris)是法國人,小時最愛看有「昆蟲詩人」之稱的法國博物學家Jean-Henri Fabre的書。他相信科學能使人類進步,所以除了欣賞大自然的美,亦對背後的科學很感興趣。於是Chris在15年前開始,在自家花園撐起「馬來氏捕蟲網」,做香港昆蟲調查,還製作標本寄給倫敦自然史博物館、加利福尼亞州科學院。他專注研究蜂類,會每週外出進行蜂類調查。而為了深入了解獨居蜂的習性,更自製竹筒巢掛在花園吸引牠們來產卵。他說:「我們只記錄了全球10%的昆蟲,還有很多驚喜等着我們探索。」

Chris亦與香港大學教授管納德博士合作,發表蜂類新物種與研究論文,單在2020年就已發表了三個銀口蜂科的新物種(Psenulus ephippius, Psenulus gibbus和Psenulus pallens)。管納德博士指在大學教生態,其實並沒太多時間去野外考察。所以能與Chris等業餘博物學家合作很重要,他會教Chris野外調查技巧,當Chris有所發現,便可透過他們的團隊核實、發表。

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