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Human Ip


Human Ip

Writer, artist
Interests: Hong Kong’s flora and fauna

I live in a city, but I always long for the mountains.

Artist and writer Human Ip began documenting nature in 2013, when she was commissioned by a magazine to paint a collection of local species. When asked by the publisher to create In Search of Flora, she began exploring the mountains, documenting the animals and plants she saw with only a pen and a watercolour brush. She gained knowledge on ecology by studying on her own.

While working on In Search of Fauna, she ventured on her own to camp on Tai Mo Shan to get a better sense of living in the wild. Despite being petrified during the night, it also dawned on her that humans are just passers-by, while animals are the true inhabitants. Since then, she would spend days in the wilderness. In 2019, she became the artist-in-residence at the Mui Tsz Lam Art Revitalisation Project, painting murals for the deserted village. Living alone in an uninhabited village, she also started growing her own vegetables in these abandoned gardens.

Writing a novel was a new endeavour for the artist. In Hermit In situ, 46 native animals and plant species are featured. Using metaphoric references to describe nature as the protagonist, her prose addresses her readers directly and allows even the rarest species, like the near-extinct Rough-skinned Floating Frog, to live on in imagination amid the landscape of Hong Kong.

Human likes to describe her work as "a prism refracting rays into a rainbow." Introducing Hong Kong’s ecology through multifaceted angles, her art and literature allow readers to appreciate the biodiversity of the city through a different lens.



葉曉文(曉文)是作家和畫家,著作包括介紹香港動植物的圖文集《尋花》和《尋牠》系列,出版至今已加印五次,亦著有小說《隱山之人In situ》。她與大自然的紙上邂逅始於2013年,她受雜誌委托繪畫一系列本地原生物種,出版社看到後找她創作《尋花》。於是她開始遊歷山野、以文字畫筆記錄沿途動植物,生態知識都是邊行邊自學。


小說是繼圖文集後的新嘗試,《隱山之人In situ》共計有46種本地動植物登場。有別於散文,透過小說創作,她可以讓自然當主角「我」,人物成為「你」,也可以讓已在香港野外滅絕的尖舌浮蛙繼續在香港山水間活着。


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