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Laurel Chor


Laurel Chor

Photojournalist, filmmaker
Editorial focus: Wildlife conservation, news

Unless humans learn to appreciate nature, they will never think of protecting it.

Laurel was born in Canada and majored in International Health in university. A fan of biologist and chimpanzee expert Jane Goodall since young, Laurel decided to take up a role of field assistant at a protected area for elephants and chimpanzees in Central African Republic after graduation. She was forced to leave due to the civil war.

A few weeks after her departure, a group of poachers came to the reserve and slaughtered 26 elephants overnight. The ecological disaster caused by the ivory trade was not widely reported nor discussed at all. This made Laurel realise that she could do more to help the elephants by shining a light on the conservation of wild animals to the wider public. She returned to Hong Kong, the world's largest illegal ivory trading market, and began her career as a journalist.

Laurel reports on social, political and environmental issues. While reporting on wild boars, she asked her friends to notify her at the first sighting so she can rush to the scene for the photoshoot. Once, to track a wild boar in the Mid-Levels, she ventured up the hill and down into the greenery. The effort was worth it at the end when she finally found its den, and was able to capture details on wild boars living in urban areas.

Laurel is currently pursuing a master's degree in biodiversity, conservation and management at Oxford University, and hopes to continue passing on her knowledge in conservation through future professional pursuits.

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