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Matthew Kwan


Matthew Kwan

Artist, nature conservationist

Interests: Birds, amphibians, reptiles

Everything can be an educational material – even a cockroach!

Matthew has enjoyed bird watching from a young age, when his father used to take him to Kowloon Park. When he turned ten, he participated in the “Green Ribbon Campaign” by Hong Kong Bird Watching Society (HKBWS) to lobby against the building of a railway line across the Long Valley conservation. Still in the fourth grade at the time, he noted his birding experience at Long Valley in his journal. Expressing concerns for conservation, he then sent the entry to the HKBWS as well as the then Chief Executive Tung Chee Hwa.

Although Matthew chose to study art in university, he has always felt most passionate about nature. This drove him and his girlfriend Hoi Ling, an insect lover, to launch a nature education initiative Project CROW. While Matthew recognises the importance in learning about global issues such as global warming and animal-related crisis for polar bears at schools, these issues may seem abstract and far-fetched for students in Hong Kong.

For this very reason, Project CROW’s content on Facebook tries to be more relatable to the Hong Kong context, addressing questions in the daily life, like "Do the yellow sticky flypapers really work in urban parks?" or "how many kinds of cockroaches are there in Hong Kong?”. In addition to the casual writing styles, he also draws comics and incorporates them into the post. Matthew occasionally collaborates with other organisations such as Life Kan to organise public guided birding tours, and holds seminars with insect taxidermy at schools.






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