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Pamela Cheung


Pamela Cheung

An NGO officer
Interests: Urban birds

You don’t need to go to Mai Po for birding. There are so many stories to tell in the city.

Pamela originally majored in Mathematics, but later transferred to Art, Design and Education to pursue her interests. Her graduation project was on urban birds, where she designed a bird watching booklet and a guided tour to introduce urban ecology.
Because of this project, Pamela noticed that many of her friends were interested to learn about bird watching, but saw that courses available in Hong Kong were limited. She applied for funding after graduation, turning the graduation project into “HK Neighbirdhood", a not-for-profit community project aimed at educating the public how to coexist with urban birds through various activities. In addition to field trips, she offers workshops to engage novice birders, such as one that trains participants to distinguish directions of bird sounds and locate birds under a blind-fold. After the field trip, participants would be asked to depict the birds in an illustration to capture the characteristics of the species.
Due to funding constraints, “HK Neighbirdhood” can only hold events from time to time, and there are no regular volunteers or full-time employees to upkeep the project. Fortunately, Pamela is supported by her husband at these events, who is just as passionate about urban birding.






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