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Parry Ling


Parry Ling

Wood sculptor, Founder of Post Tree Lifestyle
Interests: Urban trees

There’s no such thing as an unusable wood material.

Visual artist Parry Ling, who specialised in sculpture in university, decided to narrow his practice on wood sculptures after graduation. Learning from tree experts, most of Parry's creations incorporate fallen trees found in urban areas of ​​Hong Kong, which not only help him save costs but also reduce waste, as these trees cannot naturally decompose. Some fallen trees are known to be difficult to work with among the industry peers; regardless, Parry believes that as long as the qualities and properties of the wood are fully understood, with a touch of creativity, there is no such thing as an unusable material.

Modelling after the Growing Tree Resource Centre in the United States, Parry set up Post Tree Lifestyle in 2015, a company that promotes recycling, public education, and the artistry and furniture development of wood. Sustainability should not only be about how resources are being used, Parry says; it should also be about creating a financially-sustainable business model to allow for this craftsmanship to grow.

In addition to his own artistic creations, Parry is also dedicated to promoting education, and has collaborated with non-governmental organisations like Friends of the Earth on guided tours on urban trees. Parry was also invited by Hong Kong Drainage Services Department to do a field study and write a report for the Relocation of Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works to Caverns revitalisation project, which provided the required information for the tree removal. Such studies could provide vital data on future development projects, and can be used as a reference point to open up new ways to promote education in wood recycling.






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