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Robert Ferguson

Robert Ferguson

Retired media professional
Expertise: Wildlife photography

The number of birds I see in Hong Kong daily is more than a decade’s worth of birds I have seen in England.

Robert Ferguson had a successful career in media, and was the regional director for sales and marketing for The Economist and then Reuters prior to his retirement. An avid hiker, Robert has always been attracted to Hong Kong’s rich biodiversity: “England only has four snake species, and Hong Kong has 53!” Hoping to document Hong Kong’s wild animals, he decided to embark on a journey in wildlife photography.

Despite being an accomplished photographer, Robert trained in new techniques. He built his own rigs and equipment, took inspirations from other wildlife photographers, and took advanced courses. In 2018 he held his first main exhibition and launched his website Wildcreatures Hong Kong, where he shares a photographic record and insights on an ecological finding daily. Through sharing his work, Robert’s aim is to educate the public on Hong Kong’s biodiversity while encouraging his audience to find and observe species in the wild. Be it an article, his website or his recently published booklet Wildcreatures in Hong Kong (Volume I), Robert insists on having all materials translated into Chinese to promote local ecology to Hong Kongers in their native tongue.



Robert Ferguson 是攝影記者出身,退休前曾任路透社和《經濟學人》的區域業務及營銷總監。喜歡行山的他被香港豐富的生物多樣性吸引:「英國只有四種蛇,但香港就有53種!」故希望透過生態攝影將物種記錄下來。


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