In the 19th century, naturalists worked tirelessly to explore, research, and re-examine, and gradually formed the basis of Hong Kong’s natural history, a concept which finally became widely known in the 20th century. The popularisation of natural history began as cross-fertilisations with literature, where knowledge was translated and freely exchanged beyond disciplinary boundaries.


Publication of The Hong Kong Naturalist Quarterly by Geoffrey A.C. Herklots

1941 - 45
Japanese occupation of Hong Kong

Publication of The Hong Kong Countryside: Throughout the Seasons by Geoffrey A.C. Herklots

Yip Linfeng began writing for “History of Hong Kong-Plants, Trees, Insects, and Fishes” in Sing Tao Daily and “Tai Ping Shan Naturography” on Ta Kung Pao

Publication of Hong Kong Naturography by Yip Linfeng


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