We dress up; they cover up

Hidden object game

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Some animals have distinctive colours, so that their companions can easily spot them. However, the more eye-catching you are, the easier it is for predators to find you. That’s why most small animals have plain colours, hiding themselves in plain sight. Those who frequent the ground have colours and patterns that resemble soil and fallen leaves; those who are active on plants are often green in colour. Some animals are even shaped like branches and leaves.

10 small animals are hiding on the tree, how many of them can you spot?

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Also use them as desktop or lock screen wallpapers!

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11 small animals are hiding in the pile of fallen leaves,

how many of them can you spot?

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Fly or die!

Board game

Bar-tailed Godwits pass through Hong Kong every spring and autumn.  They are the birds that make the longest migration in the world! In summer, they breed in Siberia in northern Russia. When it gets colder, bar-tailed godwits fly south along the coastal areas in Mainland China. They briefly stop in Hong Kong for a break before arriving in warm Australia for the winter. These birds fly across half the globe each year!

Over half of the birds in Hong Kong migrate twice a year. While they are rushing to their destinations, they have to know the way, pay attention to weather conditions and avoid dangers at all times. Pick a bird that you like and help it complete this physical challenge happening twice a year!

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Where are you bouncing off to?

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Bar-tailed Godwit

Fly or die!

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Short Legged Toad

We dress up; they cover up

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Three games for you to enjoy at home!

What's Bothering You,
Mr Bird? 

Where are you
bouncing off to?

Origami fortune teller

Grasshoppers are world-class long jumpers. They can easily jump as far as 20 times their body length. But their eyesight is horrible and cannot see where they will land when they jump. They can easily jump right into something dangerous! fold this origami paper fortune teller to find out where this grasshopper will land!

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