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Curators | Joanne Cheng +  (Guest Co-curator) Maoshan 

Exhibition and Visual Design |  Shanyung

Videography and Photography | Andrew Lam

+ Zero Lai Tsz Kwan + Erika Fung 

Crochet Knitting | Basket of Stuff.

Specimens Exhibit Production | Angela Chan + Hugo Du

English Translation | Jolie Lam

Exhibition Production | Mill-Workshop

Special Thanks To Wilco Cheung, Freda Ho, Skylar Kwan*, Bessie Lam, Louise Mok, Cindy Ng*, Deborah Ng, Simon Suen, Ronnie Ta, Sara Yiu

*HKU student interns

Exhibition Team


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New regular exhibition 2022
Come cuddle Lung Fu Shan, and share your feelings and thoughts amidst the hill


Welcome to
Lung Fu Shan

Words to Lung Fu Shan



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Contrary to popular belief, porcupines that forage at night are very shy and afraid of humans. They cannot shoot out their “arrows” from their backs. If they are scared and feel provoked, they would run backwards and stick their spines in their “attackers” before running for their lives. 


The Pinewood Battery on Lung Fu Shan is the battery with the highest altitude in Hong Kong. One soldier had died at the fort during World War II. Decades later, it became a hotspot for war games, with plastic BB shots littering the ground. As the shots cannot disintegrate even after all the years, birds would meet their ends if they overate the shots, mistaking them for seeds.

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The “hairstyle” of Lung Fu Shan has undergone many changes. The last significant “restyling” was the nearly bald head after World War II. But, with the following plantation programs – especially with the improved grass and trees maintenance after the establishment of the country park - the hills have restored a full head of trees.

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