The Faces of Lung Fu Shan

A Photography Exhibition by Robert Ferguson & François Brassard


Organized by the Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre, ‘The Faces of Lung Fu Shan’ showcases the work of Robert Ferguson and François Brassard taken at Lung Fu Shan.

Robert is a photographer who likes ecology, while François is an ecologist who likes photography. Both intrigued by animals at Lung Fu Shan, they’ve captured moments of these creatures through a camera lens: spiders waiting, toads mating, snakes sleeping… now appear before our very eyes.

Lung Fu Shan, in Chinese means “the hill of dragons and tigers”. A name given by locals, it is full of imaginations embracing the vitality of this small forest on the hill. There is no dragon nor tiger, but so much more. Located in the Western District just behind The University of Hong Kong, Lung Fu Shan only constitutes 0.1% of the total country park area in Hong Kong. Yet, it is biodiverse, a home to almost a third* of all species of birds, butterflies, amphibians, reptiles and mammals found in Hong Kong.


Whether you are a beginner or a professional, there are many ways to discover the beauty of the natural world. Don’t be intimidated. Find your own ways to explore the vast world of nature!


*According to centre and AFCD records.

Exhibition Information

Exhibition Period: 2 Mar - 5 Sep , 2021
Venue: Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre Exhibition Gallery

Production Team


Photography Artists: Robert Ferguson, François Brassard

Photohgraphy Interns: Erika Fung (2018), Arthur Xu (2019), Henry Liu (2020)

Curation Team: Angela Chan, Joanne Cheng, Helen Lo

Art Direction and Graphic Design: Summer Lam

Exhibition Designer: Rachel Ma

Editors and Translators: Louisa Yip, Karine Leung, Katie Tsang, Harmony Yuen, Simon Shum 


Credit: Some content in the exhibition is extracted from “Wildcreatures in Hong Kong” written by Robert Ferguson. 


Subvented by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.


Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material/ event do not necessarily reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.


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Robert Ferguson

Grew up in Switzerland, working first as a photojournalist and then in marketing for consumer media in London. In 1990 he moved to Hong Kong, where he continued his career in media, with Ringier AG, The Economist and Reuters. He left full time employment in mid 2018, and works taking photographs of wildlife. He does a daily nature and wildlife blog: www.wildcreatureshongkong.org to amuse, educate, and above all, to engage people with our wildlife in Hong Kong.

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François Brassard

Former Research Assistant at HKU with a research interest in ants and their ecology. In François’ words, “I photograph animals because I am fascinated by them, especially arthropods. Photography helps me to better understand them, as well as allows me to share their beauty and strangeness to the rest of the world.”

Exhibition Snapshots

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Photo Taking in Nature Code

  • Nature comes first, photography comes second. A photo taken by interrupting living species or the natural environment is not a good photo. Some examples of interruption include:

    • Attracting animals by baits or recorded animal calls

    • Spraying water to create artificial rain

    • Forcing subjects into unnatural poses

  • Respect your subject, as well as any other living species next to it. Be careful not to destroy the grass when you are photographing a flower. 

  • You are a visitor while the wildlife you are photographing is in their home. Leave no trace.

  • Do not collect animals in the wild. Never kill or collect specimens. Often their bright colours fade after death.

  • Do not disclose the location of any endangered species

Photo Boxes Giveaway

To protect our planet, all printed photos were given away to our viewers in order to minimise waste generated from the exhibition. Thank you for your support.