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An English-Chinese bilingual alternative city guide

This book is a collection of writings, illustrations and photographs that explore the relationships between humans and nature. Drawing from richly diverse perspectives of humanities, social studies, architecture, environmental history and ecology, its contributors include both academics and artists, including the first director of the Hong Kong Maritime Museum and maritime historian Stephen Davies, Fotanian artists Ho Sin Tung, Swing Lam and South Ho, and Fleurs des Lettres editor and author Wong Yi among others. Their works are catalogued together in a hand-drawn, full-spread fold-out map, inviting the reader to join the book’s writers and creators for a walk into Mid-Levels West together.

©️ Eddie Wong


The Pulse of Nature -
Mid-Levels West

Both Book Cover in 1 photo.png

Available in Two Covers: Brown Tree Frog (left), Jewelry Spider (right)

Artists, novelists, ecologists, historians, architects and urbanists, gather to reveal their personal insights and experiences of this space between city and mountain.  A collection of essays, short stories, art, photography, postcards and maps, The Pulse of Nature is the ultimate guide for wandering or roaming around Mid-Levels West. Let us meander then, into a Hong Kong story you may never have known until now.

Project curators & editors

Joanne Cheng, Sampson Wong


Leelee Chan, Cheng Wa Chu, Bouie Choi, Choi Ching Yee, Gavin Coates, Stephen Davies, Matthew Evans, Billy Hau, Alfred Ho, Kitty Ho, Ho Sin Tung, South Ho, Swing Lam, Wong Yi, Bong Yeung


Janice Chan, Hannah Chung, Cindy Lam, Maggie Lau, Nic Wong, Victoria Wong, Amy Wu, Louisa Yip, Wing Yip


Choi Ching Yee, Hugo Du, Erika Fung, Billy Hau, Alex Ng


Photo editing

Summer Lam

Book design

Eddie Wong


Layout artwork

Irene Choy



MCCM Creations

No. of Pages



Bilingual (English and Chinese)

Suggested Retail Price

$150 HKD

Book Details

Highlighted Content

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detailed work photo,
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©️ Eddie Wong


Mid-Levels West

Beneath Victoria Peak

Above the urban fringe

Where the mountain meets humans

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