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Project CROW is a nature education initiative founded in 2018 by bird-lover/artist Matthew Kwan and insect-lover researcher Hoiling Cheng. They believe that close encounters and hands-on experience in nature are the best ways to engage and raise public awareness in environment protection. Through accurate knowledge transfer, they hope to increase the public's understanding of nature, ultimately conserving and securing our planet's precious natural environment for future generations. They are dedicated in providing tailor-made activities such as guided walks, nature experiential workshops, as well as art-making workshops, to bring people closer to nature. 

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Curators interview

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What's Bothering You,
Mr Bird? 


Why don’t brown insects want to dress up?

Do birds ever get tired of eating fish and shrimps from mudflats?

How do ants recognise their siblings, having such huge families?   


Our animal friends are our companions. But their world is nothing like ours, and their lives are so different from ours. How they live sometimes doesn’t  make sense to us at all! They do not have a fixed home, they eat the same food every single day, and some even look the same all their lives. But wait, they can do superhero stuff! With their super-senses, they can detect energies beyond our imagination, do things we wouldn’t  even dream of. Some of them cannot see red light, but they can see ultraviolet light. Some detect surrounding temperature even in their sleep, and some can smell scents from over a kilometre away. Why do they live like that? Are their superpowers a bother to them? Or is this how they strive to stay alive?

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Little Woods Nature Education Limited (Little Woods) is a newly established company founded by a group of enthusiastic Ecology & Biodiversity graduates from HKU.  Little Woods aims to connect people with nature, and promote the rich biodiversity of Hong Kong. With the expertise and experience, they provide guided tours that introduce participants to the wild creatures living in our city. They also offer interactive workshops and talks, and design their own learning materials. Through these multimodal activities, they hope participants can find their own piece of “Little Woods” in the city, and enjoy learning in nature. Ultimately, they hope their activities can allow participants to reflect how their daily lives relate to our environment through their encounters with nature, raising environmental literacy and awareness of nature conservation.

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Our Animal Friends

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Guides and Activities Partners



The centre would like to express heartfelt gratitude to Project CROW for serving as guest curator; their devotion and contribution are greatly appreciated. The exhibition has been postponed for over a year under the pandemic; the centre thanks Project CROW and Lightime Blossoming in particular for their understanding, patience, and unceasing creativity during these hard times.

Guest Curator: Project CROW

Project Planner: Joanne Cheng

Exhibition Designer: Matthew Kwan

Key Visual Designer: Lightime Blossoming

Translators & Editors: Kiara Ngai & Marcus Yee

Supporting Activities Management: Helen Lo

Guides & Activities Support: Little Woods Nature Education

Promotion Management: Angela Chan

Exhibition Production: Mill-Workshop

Production Team


Three games from the exhibition is now available online. Download the printable files for free to enjoy with families and friends. You may also find desktop and phone wallpapers, click and explore now!

Games for downloads